Demand the impossible: In a world with limited resources, we use less to give you much more

We strive every day to ask less of the planet. Climate change is an indisputable reality, the Earth’s resources will not last forever and health services must be ensured, for those who receive them and for those who provide them. Rather than question these facts, we challenge ourselves to see what we can do about it in every facet of our daily clinical work. All the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization products that we use are ecological and biodegradable. The collection of critical material and pathological waste is carried out by companies certified according to the regulations of the Valencian Community. We use devices that comply with energy efficiency and biosafety regulations. Reducing the use of paper also plays an important role; Thanks to new technologies, we have managed to digitize most of our documents, such as reports, x-rays, consents, patient files, and much more.

We push the boundaries of innovation for sustainable performance

Just as our patients demand quality care from us, we also demand more from ourselves, which is why we design our treatments using only what is necessary to offer a unique experience. Because every drop of water, every fraction of energy, every milligram of material and every second matters.

Innovation for sustainable performance

Sustainable innovation is a catalyst to revolutionize the way we work and an opportunity that has been embedded in our clinic’s policies, processes and products. We innovate in solutions that benefit patients, our partner companies and our beloved community.

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