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Melasma is characterized by the development of a mottled or patchy pigmentation that usually appears on the face, associated with sun exposure and certain predisposing/triggering factors, such as pregnancy or taking oral contraceptives.

For its treatment, first of all, attempts should be made to eliminate or control the predisposing/triggering factors, if any (suppress certain drugs, or suspend contraceptive medication). In this type of skin pathology, the use of depigmenting treatments is common, usually with creams and/or application of chemical peels.

These treatments must be applied for long periods of time, and during that time creams must be used together with a high-powered sunscreen. There are also different types of chemical peels that, applied together with home treatment, can speed up the resolution of the problem.

At U Clinic we will help you reach a correct diagnosis of your pigmentation, and we will advise you on the best therapeutic options for your case, carrying out exhaustive follow-up to prevent the reappearance of the problem.