Periodontics is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth. Periodontal diseases are those that affect the periodontium, which is the area surrounding the tooth (bone, periodontal ligament, cement, gum), and appear when these tissues that support the teeth become inflamed due to the continuous deposit of bacteria. It is very important to treat them as soon as possible since their evolution entails a destruction of the bone that supports the teeth, causing mobility and finally their loss.

Among gum diseases there are:

  • Gingivitis: It is the superficial and initial inflammation of the gum. The main warning signs are bleeding, edema and redness. It is reversible if treated in time. If not treated correctly through professional cleaning and correct oral hygiene techniques, it can progress to periodontitis.

  • Periodontitis: It is inflammation of the gum along with destruction of the supporting tissues of the teeth and molars (bone and periodontal ligament). It can be focused in some areas or affect the entire mouth. If left untreated it can cause mobility, aesthetic problems, and tooth loss.

  • Gingivitis is treated with a professional cleaning and periodontitis by scaling and root planing, which involves removing tartar deposits (calculus) and bacterial plaque from the surface of the teeth below the gum line. Also, careful scaling and planing of the root of the tooth is performed to eliminate inflammation and stop bone loss.

    We value your health above all else, which is why we recommend performing two oral cleanings a year to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.