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Hygiene and prevention

Dental cleaning not only improves your aesthetics, but also your health. Although we clean our teeth daily at home with a brush and floss, for a deep dental cleaning we must carry out check-ups in a professional center highly specialized in this type of service such as U Clinic.

Check-up appointments and teeth and gum cleanings are necessary for the prevention of oral health problems such as cavities, halitosis or other types of pathologies: gingivitis, periodontitis, dental mobility, etc. For this reason, we recommend performing two dental cleanings a year to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

A complete dental prophylaxis fulfills several functions: it facilitates the detachment of bacterial plaque, prevents the reproduction of bacteria, acts as a disinfectant and antibacterial and eliminates stains, stains and plaque remains. Dental cleaning does not hurt, since, in case of dental sensitivity, local anesthesia is used, allowing the patient to have a clean mouth again in a very comfortable way.

Carrying out these treatments on a regular basis provides great benefits at the level of general health, as corroborated by different scientific studies that relate oral health to diabetes, heart problems, circulatory, joint, and respiratory disorders.
higiene dental uclinic lazenia